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Francesca Altavilla +31-641801360 Bosch Architectuur Initiatief | Postbus 716 | 5201 AS 's-Hertogenbosch | · Hertogenbosch, Paesi Bassi · Scaduto 07/06/2013

The historical center as a scene for the design of a temporary stage
Every year, the Bosch Architecture Initiative (BAI), in cooperation with the municipality of 's-Hertogenbosch and with the support of the Royal Institute of Dutch Architects (BNA), writes out a special design contest open to everybody.
With this competition we want the public to discover the pleasure of designing, but also hope they will learn about the many problems that a designer has to face during the design process. We hope contestants will become aware of the spatial quality of the built- environment, and especially our own city: 's-Hertogenbosch.
In the last years the competition has become a tradition. Since its first edition in 1996, the results have led to all kinds of small and large projects in our city and its surroundings. Many of these actually have been built, and others are in construction.

This year we will once again call out contestants to aim their attention on a special subject. Te seventeenth edition seems to be a special one!
'Create your theater!'

'The historical center as a scene for the design of a temporary stage

2016 will be the Jheronimus Bosch year, JB500. With the international event Jheronimus Bosch 500 the Dutch, the town of 's-Hertogenbosch, and its residents and guests commemorate the five hundredths death-year of one of the great Dutch painting masters: Jheronimus Bosch (c. 1450-1516). In 2016 the city will be offering a huge cultural program, as an addition to its 'regular' events like theater Boulevard. We are looking forward to a vibrant cultural year. ʻs-Hertogenboschʼs old downtown will be a large event area for an entire year.

In 2016 a large number of cultural events will be organized, and the city will be its scenery. The size of these events ranges from small, spontaneous performances to performances where 500+ visitors can be expected.
For all these activities, the city needs new facilities; mainly in the form of temporary stages. We would like to ask our contestants to design one of these temporary theaters, with the historical city center as a scenery.

The BAI, in cooperation with the municipality, will produce a catalog with all the submitted designs: a collection of ideas surrounding the subject of 'temporary stages'. The author of the winning plan will also be invited to give a presentation for the municipality, for the foundation JB500 and foundation EBCH2018.
Last but not least, there is always a chance that the winning design will be realized!


The organization will offer the winning designs for inspiration to the municipality of 's- Hertogenbosch. The winning designs will also be rewarded with a cash prize.

First prize: € 4.000, -

Second prize: € 2.000, -

Two honorable mentions: each € 500, –

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