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La cripta della Cattedrale di Otranto rappresenta concettualmente la vittoria della coabitazione sia dei riti liturgici che dei segni architettonici sul territorio pugliese dell’anno Mille. La cripta rappresenta ad oggi l’intreccio più evidente tra oriente ed occidente, ed esalta il connubio dei popoli del Mediterraneo. Intenti alla sua costruzione infatti troviamo scalpellini pugliesi, pugliesi-lombardi e orientali.

Il progetto di restauro conservativo ha interessato l’interno della cripta nel suo complesso, dalle colonne ai capitelli, alla realizzazione di una nuova pavimentazione in pietra di Trani
81 Competitions
362 Projects
Eco-Farm Series - Harvest Pavilion
Vector ArchitectsEco-Farm Series - Harvest Pavilion
Brussels Cityparliament
SKOPEBrussels Cityparliament
Rehabilitation of the Resin Factory in Marinha Grande
Cremascoli, Okumura, Rodrigues arquitectosRehabilitation of the Resin Factory in Marinha Grande
Les Quinconces
babin + renaudLes Quinconces
Atelier Appennini organizza laboratori di progettazione, promuove attività di ricerca e formazione sul tema della contemporaneità architettonica per gli Appennini.
Adaptation of the Ancient Roman Deposit of can Tacó. Montmeló, Montornès del Vallès, Barcelona, Spain
The archaeological Roman site of Can Tacó is settled in “Turó d’en Roina”, facing south and 50 meters above the point where the rivers Congost and Mogent meet, in the birth of the river Besòs and 20 km far from its confluence with the Mediterranean sea. This place is part of the complex named “els Turons de les Tres Creus”, a natural center that structures the biodiversity in a highly fragmented metropolitan area...

Photo: © Aitor Estevez
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Cluster Sport International Lausanne COMPETITION RESULTS

Un bâtiment pour le Cluster sport international, une porte d'entrée pour l'université
Lausanne, Switzerland

Project: “MontCluster” by Dürig AG Second Prize
Cluster Sport International
Kärsämäki Shingle Church. Oulu, Finland

The first church in the parish of Kärsämäki was completed in 1765. A beautiful site on the riverbank was chosen as a suitable spot for the church. The church later became too small for the congregation and as it was already dilapidated, it was demolished 1841. The idea of the rebuilding the old church in the municipality arose in 1998. However, no clear document indicating what the church looked like survived. Those involved in the project thus became enthusiastic about architect Panu Kaila´s idea to build a new, modern church using traditional 18th century methods...

Photo: © Jussi Tiainen
4284 Results
816 Construction Drawings
367 Projects
LAN Architecture 58 housing units Boulogne-Billancourt
A.H. Alonso Hernández Asociados Estudio de Arquitectura
STÄDEL MUSEUM - Frankfurt on the Main, Germany

Architect: schneider+schumacher, Frankfurt (DE)

Lighting design: Licht Kunst Licht AG, Bonn/Berlin (DE)
The Sett. Totland, Isle of Wight

Retaining the sense of enclosure within the site, while bringing a view of the sea from the upper floor, and responding to the particular placement of the remaining fruit trees have generated the placement of rooms and spaces on the site. The trees around the site perimeter are tall and established species including oak, beech, yew and alder, and the house is placed towards the eastern edge of the site along the lane, making a small courtyard in front of the house...

Photo: © David Grandorge
616 Competitions
300 Projects
Island Studios
Lifschutz Davidson SandilandsIsland Studios
Piper Heidsieck and Charles Heidsieck head office building
Jacques Ferrier ArchitecturesPiper Heidsieck and Charles Heidsieck head office building
Ferrero Office Building
Studio AS architetti associatiFerrero Office Building
Capco Bold Rocket
D+DS architecture officeCapco Bold Rocket
House Riihi. Alajärvi, Finland

The house blends in with the surrounding landscape through its shape and materials. The composition subtly recalls the feeling of a traditional Finnish farm, in which wooden cottages were arranged so as to form a protected inner courtyard with the buildings facing the courtyard...

Photo: © Jussi Tiainen
Aviator's House. Bucharest, Romania

The project is located in a residential neighborhood, giving us the opportunity to be creative and build a landmark. The client is an aviator and he wanted an iconic house. Keeping that in mind, we wanted to give the feeling of dynamism, both by volume and by interior design.

Photo: Andrei Margulescu
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816 Construction Drawings
367 Projects
Rahola Vidal arquitectes Escola Bressol Can Nebot
Lorenzo Rossi Architetti Ristorante aziendale Indesit S. p. A.
Open call for the 13th Tile of Spain Awards of Architecture and Interior Design.

The prestigious architect Emilio Tuñón will chair the jury, which will be formed by the architects Martha Thorne, Cino Zucchi, Anupama Kundoo, José María Sánchez, José María Márquez Cecilia and Ramón Monfort.
The Spanish Ceramic Tile Manufacturers’ Association (ASCER) is launching the thirteenth edition of the competition. The jury comprises prominent national and international professionals as it does every year.

The registration is open and the deadline for handing in the projects is on the 28th of October 2014.

The Awards have a prize fund of 39,000 Euros divided in three categories.

The competition is to outline the future of the Central Square in Plovdiv—an emblematic location where most of the significant historical periods of the city overlap...
Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Project: "Urban Intensifier Devices" by ZCMG, JULIO ARROYO
99 Competitions
383 Projects
Casa EM
Elisa Manelli studioCasa EM
Katsutadai House
Yuko Nagayama & AssociatesKatsutadai House
House Weze
architecten de vylder vinck taillieuHouse Weze
Zhangjiawo Elementary School. Xiqing District, Tianjin, China

The design process starts with an analytical research of the spatial pattern of interactive activities, both in plan and in section. A series of physical study model were built along the process, in order to seek the most reasonable spatial and programmatic layout...

Photo: Shuhe Photo
House of Patios. São Paulo, Brazil

Instead of being completely demolished, an existent construction is maintained and interpreted as a solid to be excavated, designing its negative-spaces to subvert the old spatial syntax. Three resulting suppressions reorganize the program, creating internal patios as ‘decompression areas’ between uses and as graduation between interior and exterior. The first suppression permits turning the old garage in the lower-level in a double-height living-room, now connected to the forgotten backyard.

Photo: © Leonardo Finotti
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Sistema d’arredamento di un affittacamere in una antica filanda salentina a Casamassella. Uggiano la Chiesa
marco brianzoli architetto, mathieu michellSistema d’arredamento di un affittacamere in una antica filanda salentina a Casamassella. Uggiano la Chiesa
"Opération Les Vernets"
Fruehauf Henry & Viladoms, Atelier Descombes Rampini"Opération Les Vernets"
"Opération Les Vernets"
Bureau Dan Budik, Ciriacidis Lehnerer Architekten"Opération Les Vernets"
Jolie brise
Nicola BraghieriJolie brise
écru architettiMILD HOME