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Online Gallery of Stage One Submissions Allows Visitors to Explore Entries and Share Their Top Selections

The Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation announced the launch of an online gallery featuring the submissions for Stage One of theGuggenheim Helsinki Design Competition to design a proposed Guggenheim museum in the Finnish capital.

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Guggenheim Helsinki Design Competition Submissions Revealed
70 Competitions
81 Projects
camposaz, Massimo Bertoluzza, Andrea Simon, Silvia Lucchese, Me'rudj Rabiei, campomarzio, anålogo, giovanni wegher, Giulia Cerrato, Giacomo Fumanelli, Mariella Gentile, Oliver Savorani, Daria Smirnova, Iulia Mihai Alexandra , sasa ciabatti, Valentina Comuzzi , Bruno Detassis, Alessandro Gentilin, Ottavia Manzo, Jose Alberto Simon Montesinos, Kire Stavrov, Emanuele Zampieri, Isabella Largajolli Salvanel
Casa Piazza
camposaz, campomarzio, anålogo, giovanni wegher, Massimo Bertoluzza, Giulia Cerrato, Giacomo Fumanelli, Mariella Gentile, Oliver Savorani, Daria Smirnova, Iulia Mihai Alexandra , sasa ciabatti, Valentina Comuzzi , Bruno Detassis, Alessandro Gentilin, Ottavia Manzo, Jose Alberto Simon Montesinos, Emanuele Zampieri, Isabella Largajolli, Meruj Rabei , Kire Stavrow, Silvia Lucchese, Enrico Cimadom, Andrea SimonCasa Piazza
Giuseppe Guerrera, Lillo Giglia L’ORTO NEGATO
Mezzo Atelier, Argot ou La Maison MobileH2T
Praça das Artes. São Paulo, Brazil

Photo by Nelson Kon / Courtesy of BIAU

Bienal Iberoamericana de Arquitectura y Urbanismo
BRASIL arquitetura
Friedrich Bayer Bridge. São Paulo, Brazil

Located in front of German multinational Bayer’s São Paulo headquarters, the bridge spans the confluence of Pinheiros River and the Guarapiranga Reservoir overflow canal. In addition to expanding the bicycle lanes that run next to the river, the bridge provides access to the Santo Amaro metro station to the region’s community and commuters...

Photo: © Leonardo Finotti
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Naturbad Riehen, Natural Swimming Pool

The Swiss municipality of Riehen, bordering the city of Basel, lies in the gently widening valley of the River Wiese, near to its confluence with the Rhine. For decades, the local population has yearned for a new public swimming pool to replace the obsolescent baths by the riverbank, with various attempts having failed. After winning a design competition in 1979 and several unrealised projects in the following years, Herzog & de Meuron again started to ponder the options for a new bathing facility...

Photo: © Leonardo Finotti
The TERZO: a cemetery for all religions

(2030) EXPOST. Tracing possible futures Italian Pavilion – 14th International Architecture Exhibition: La Biennale di Venezia

The third, after the Monumentale and the Maggiore, situated along the north west railway line, the Terzo is the city’s new cemetery, symbol of contemporary Milan and its vast area, inhabited by the citizens from every country in the world. The Terzo is designed a park that represents the monumental characteristics of Milan’s historic cemeteries in the wider context of the Po Valley, responding to the need for new burial sites and Public spaces. The pre existing geography- canal, hill, lake – defines the closed circuit surrounded by the ring road network...
4374 Results
855 Construction Drawings
392 Projects
•• José María Sánchez García Templo de Diana
Petersen Architekten F40 Office building
Madrid, Spain

Perhaps more than anything else, it is the very strangeness of the diverging intentions found in the La Serrería Belga adaptation project for the Medialab-Prado that makes it possible for them to coexist, though not without a certain measure of irony...

Photo: © Miguel de Guzmán
Centro de Desarrollo Infantil el Guadual. Cauca department, Colombia

Centro de Desarrollo Infantil en Villarica Cauca Colombia para 300 niños y niñas en edad de primera infancia, que propone una nueva manera de construir obras publicas por medio de participación del sector publico, privado, ONG, y comunidad. El Guadual fue diseñado y construido con participación directa de la comunidad de Villa Rica a través de talleres de diseño participativo, mano de obra local, visitas guiadas a la obra y...

Photo: Courtesy of BIAU
Daniel Joseph Feldman Mowerman, Ivan Dario Quiñones Sanchez
546 Competitions
324 Projects
Office building Moganshan Road
David Chipperfield ArchitectsOffice building Moganshan Road
Plot 6 of Jishan base in Jiangsu Software Park
Atelier DeshausPlot 6 of Jishan base in Jiangsu Software Park
Stam Europe Green Place
Giacomo Sicuro, Goring & Straja ArchitectsStam Europe Green Place
Silo-top Studio
O-office ArchitectsSilo-top Studio
Rehabilitation of an apartment in Braga. Portugal

The Project intended to remodel two apartments and unite them in order to create a duplex apartment, which best meets the needs of the family. In this sense, the intervention was defined by the characterization of a social floor, consisting of kitchen, laundry, living room, terrace, guest bathroom and guest suite. The upper floor would be the private housing area consisting of three suites, one for the parents and two for the children. The union of both floors and, consequently, of the house, was achieved by the introduction of a two- storey high hall with the access stair...

Photo: © Luis Ferreira Alves
Rural Tourism Pé no Monte. Monte Novo da Cruz, Odemira, Portugal

Located on the Alentejo Coast, the Monte Novo da Cruz is a rural property with about 10 ha strongly characterized by a gently undulating land with slopes sometimes relevant. The presence of a curtain of high trees along the south-eastern perimeter of the site and a dense vegetation near a south-western stream stand out in the landscape...

Photo: © João Morgado
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855 Construction Drawings
392 Projects
3lhd Amarin Apartment Village
Pysall Ruge Architekten Museum of Aviation and Aviation Exhibition Park
Casa da Severa. Lisbon

The proposal has as its goal the transformation of a housing unit located at Largo da Severa, Mouraria distric, Lisbon, into a cultural equipment called Casa da Severa. The building, originally composed of three storey and an attic and a total of six independent apartments, presented several structural problems as well as scarce living conditions, such as precarious sanitation facilities and very small and narrow spaces. In order to adapt it to its new programme, we’ve opted to demolish its whole interior, preserving the façade and its strong presence in the urban fabric of the area...

Photo: © Hugo Santos Silva
63 Competitions
64 Projects
St. Mary of the Angels Chapel
Mecanoo St. Mary of the Angels Chapel
Ampliamento asilo nido
Francesco AdobatiAmpliamento asilo nido
Edificio direzionale, commerciale e terziario
gianni rigo, carlotta rigoEdificio direzionale, commerciale e terziario
Maritime Centre Vellamo
Lahdelma & MahlamäkiMaritime Centre Vellamo
24 New Jobs
Cluster Sport International
Dürig AGCluster Sport International
Matteo Poli, Luca Astorri, Rossella Locatelli, Riccardo Maria Balzarotti, Francesco Fanfani, Walter von Lütcken | Velo-track, Argot ou La Maison MobileVELODROMO INTERNAZIONALE VIGORELLI
Concorso Internazionale di Progettazione "Velodromo MaspesVigorelli"
Vittorio Grassi Architetto & Partners, POPULOUS, Schlaich Bergermann Und Partner, Energo Group, Giuseppe Amaro, Giorgio VeronelliConcorso Internazionale di Progettazione "Velodromo MaspesVigorelli"
Stadio Cornaredo e Polo sportivo e degli eventi
Antonio Citterio Patricia Viel and Partners, Michele Arnaboldi ArchitettiStadio Cornaredo e Polo sportivo e degli eventi