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Aga Khan Museum. Toronto

The Aga Khan Museum is dedicated to presenting an overview of the artistic, intellectual, and scientific contributions that Muslim civilizations have made to world heritage. The Museum’s Permanent Collection of over 1,000 objects includes masterpieces that reflect a broad range of artistic styles and materials. These portraits, textiles, miniatures, manuscripts, ceramics, tiles, medical texts, books, and musical instruments represent more than ten centuries of human history and a geographic area stretching from the Iberian Peninsula to China...

Photo: Gary Otte
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Kindergarten Mavrica Brežice
BB ARHITEKTI, Breda Bizjak, Lidija Dragišič, emir jelkic, Katja Florjanc, Ajda Vogelnik Saje, Studio 360Kindergarten Mavrica Brežice
Scuola dell'infanzia a Stabio
STUDIO WEScuola dell'infanzia a Stabio
The Chapel
a21studĩoThe Chapel
Trommen Cultural Centre
Arkitema ArchitectsTrommen Cultural Centre
House in Villarcayo. Burgos, Spain

The starting point of the project answers to two clear situations: in one hand the plot is located in a suburban colony not yet consolidated, in the outskirts of Villarcayo, which does not have any significant value and with very few constraints but legal ones, linked to the accomplishment of the current standards, which mainly defined the heights, suitability for building and setbacks. And in the other hand, the owners, a young family identified with the contemporary architecture, they defined two questions: a house with just ground floor was a requirement in order to maximize his relationship with the garden and the project had to be unequivocally within a limited budget...

Photo: © Pedro Pegenaute

New building for the German Bundestag
Berlin, Germany

Project by SCHULZ & SCHULZ
Second Prize
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Premio Giovani 2014
dedicato alle Arti Visive e all'Architettura

Il Premio è dedicato ad artisti e architetti italiani e stranieri, quest'ultimi residenti in Italia da almeno due anni, che non abbiano superato i 35 anni di età.

THE PINCH is a library and community center in Shuanghe Village, Yunnan Province, China. The project is part of a government led reconstruction effort after an earthquake in Sept 2012. The majority of village houses were destroyed, leaving the residents living in tents for up to one year. After the earthquake the government has sponsored new concrete and brick houses and a large central plaza. During the first site visit, the houses remained incomplete and the plaza was a large empty site...
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michele gambato architetto, mgark MALATESTA, albergo di campagna
•••• Galletti & Matter Ecole primaire St-Gingolph

Mathematics Gallery at Science Museum London

Project by Zaha Hadid Architects
Gioiaotto. Milano

L’edificio originariamente denominato ‘Residence Porta Nuova’, ultimato nel 1973 su progetto di Marco Zanuso e Pietro Crescini, è rappresentativo di una serie di interventi nell’area di Porta Nuova e resta un segno importante dell’attività architettonica di quel periodo, tipico di un certo clima milanese. La matrice ‘orizzontale’ dell’edificio è appunto una delle sue caratteristiche...

Foto: Andrea Martiradonna
515 Competitions
Centro Cultural Escuelas Pías de Lavapiés
Jose Ignacio LinazasoroCentro Cultural Escuelas Pías de Lavapiés
Campus Universitario de Segovia
Linazasoro & Sánchez Architecture, Jose Ignacio Linazasoro, Ricardo Sánchez GonzálesCampus Universitario de Segovia
Lateral House
Gaurav Roy ChoudhuryLateral House
Brioni Boutiques Worldwide
Park AssociatiBrioni Boutiques Worldwide
THE SWEEP. Tuanjie Village, Yunnan Province, China

The project is located at the entrance to the local primary school. Students live in the school on weekdays and are picked up by parents for the weekend. The platform is a natural waiting area for parents and students, offering a shaded space below. Though the plan arrangement of trusses is simple, the overall structure delivers a diversity of views and spaces, constructing a 360 degree panorama of village houses, mountains, valley, and farmland.
Comparto scolastico Arbedo-Castione. Canton Ticino, Svizzera

Si tratta di un concorso a due fasi a procedura aperta che prevede la progettazione della nuova scuola dell’infanzia, di uno spazio di refezione e della nuova scuola media cantonale.

L’Ente banditore mette a disposizione della Giuria 210’000.00 CHF (IVA inclusa) per l’attribuzione da 6 a 10 premi
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837 Construction Drawings
381 Projects
••••• LDA Studio Restauro Chiesa-Fortezza San Pietro
•• UID architects Pit house
House in Tajiri 2. HIroshima, Japan
The Chapel. Hochiminh city, Viet Nam

The Chapel is a community space in a new urban ward on the outskirt of Hochiminh city, Vietnam. As the result of estate crisis, the surrounding area is lacking of communal centers; therefore, the Chapel is designed to be the place for people, especially the youth, to participate in activities such as conferences, weddings, exhibitions or enjoying a light coffee and snack...
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Ampliación del edificio del Consejo del Departamento y centro de congresos en Troyes
Jose Ignacio Linazasoro, Thienot-Ballan-Zulaica ArchitectesAmpliación del edificio del Consejo del Departamento y centro de congresos en Troyes
Brussels Cityparliament
SKOPEBrussels Cityparliament
Rifunzionalizzazione della ex-scuola di via S.Margherita a Beverate, comune di Brivio, Lc
sergio fumagalliRifunzionalizzazione della ex-scuola di via S.Margherita a Beverate, comune di Brivio, Lc
Restauro di Palazzo Tentorio e nuova sede comunale, Canzo, Como
Alfonso Ventura, Antonio Molinelli, Enrico De Benedetti, marco iacopini, Roberto Pagani, Roberto Ventura, Massimo FerrariRestauro di Palazzo Tentorio e nuova sede comunale, Canzo, Como
Fidalga 727. São Paulo, Brazil

The urban landscape of São Paulo is heavily influenced by two main characters that coexist independently and simultaneously. On one hand, the vertical constructions – most of them faithful to the modernist/rationalist models –, which evolve randomly with the inconstant guidelines of the urban planning. On the other hand, the historical and/or informal occupation of two or three floors of the residual spaces between these constructions. The ensemble is characterized by spectacular scale and height limits breaks, resulting in a chaotic and discontinuous urban landscape. Located in the heart of a middle class neighborhood undergoing constant change, the project – a standard housing tower – is precisely put in this context, and situated on the margins of one of these permanent breaks, revealing a split panoramic skyline.

Photo: © Fran Parente
The nest. Binh Duong city, Viet Nam

Within his constraint budget, a light structure as steel and metal sheets is applied instead of bricks and concrete as usual. Moreover, unused furniture, abandoned but still in good condition, is considered as an appropriate solution for most parts of the house which not only reduces construction cost but also gives the house a distinctive look, the beauty or serenity of old items that comes with age...

Photo: Hiroyuki Oki
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Mathematics Gallery at Science Museum
Zaha Hadid ArchitectsMathematics Gallery at Science Museum
New Estonian Academy of Arts
DagopenNew Estonian Academy of Arts
WXCA proposal for The Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw and TR Warszawa theatre.
WXCAWXCA proposal for The Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw and TR Warszawa theatre.
Musée du Léman
Fruehauf Henry & ViladomsMusée du Léman
Sailing Roofs
Kengo Kuma & AssociatesSailing Roofs