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Toni-Areal. Zurich

The conversion of the large former Toni milk processing building into a location for education, culture and housing creates a link between two very topical developments. On the one hand it establishes a new focus of educational facilities within the landscape of third level education institutions in Switzerland, which has been massively remodelled over the last few years. On the other hand for some time now the outlying area of Zurich’s District 5 has been undergoing an urban planning process that is transforming it from a mono-functional industrial zone into a mixed function urban district and is changing and shaping the char- acter of the entire city...

Photo: © Simon Menges
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ZHU Jingxiang ArchitectsNB3
Preschool of Aknaibich
BC architects & studies, M A M O T HPreschool of Aknaibich
Espacios de Paz – Venezuela
Pico EstudioEspacios de Paz – Venezuela
Colegio Santa Elena de Piedritas
Carlos Andrés Restrepo Plata, Elizabeth Milagros Añaños VegaColegio Santa Elena de Piedritas
Phoenix International Media Center. Beijing


Photo: © Héctor Peinador
Triana Ceramic Museum. Sevilla, Spain

The project develops on and old pottery complex, an exhibition center of ceramics, an interpretative center on different tourist routes in the quarter of Triana, as well as different areas for the commercial and productive activities of the Santa Ana Pottery Factory...

Photo: © Jesús Granada
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Casa GG. Barcelona, Spain

Photo © Adrià Goula
Podere Navigliano. Lucignano d'Asso (SI)

Podere Navigliano è un antico casolare toscano nel cuore di Crete Senesi dove natura e storia sono le protagoniste indiscusse. Questo progetto rappresenta l’evoluzione del pensiero Smallness che ha connotato tutti i progetti precedenti dello studio. In questo caso soprattutto i materiali ma anche l’attenzione al contesto storico e ambientale rappresentano il fulcro del progetto; la reinterpretazione di elementi della tradizione ha consentito di trovare un nuovo linguaggio, una nuova estetica legata in maniera indissolubile alla tradizione...

photo: © Fabio Mantovani
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Cannatà & Fernandes Gioielleria Azevedo
Ramon Fernandez-Alonso Ayuntamiento de Archidona
Réhabilitation d’une chartreuse. Toulouse, France

A “Chartreuse” is renovated while fundamentally changing its organization. The initial functions are reversed. The living areas are located on the first floor to enjoy the views and the sun terrace and the spaces at night find their place at the court. The entrance is directly upstairs through the terrace. Volumes added over time abruptly are coated wood stained black, seeking to make clear the body of old buildings in value. Accompanying this process, the private courtyard is widely planted to create a breath in this very mineral island and participate in the management of natural opposite.
Harvard Art Museums Renovation and Expansion

Harvard University’s three art museums – the Fogg, the Busch-Reisinger and the Sackler – are being consolidated into one reorganized and upgraded facility, Harvard Art Museums, on the current site of the Fogg Museum on Quincy Street. The restored historic courtyard of the Fogg Art Museum will be at the heart of 18,500 sq.m of new museum space...

Photo: © Nic Lehoux
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Apartment complex in Paris
Ameller, Dubois & Associés Apartment complex in Paris
Habitat ‘67
Safdie ArchitectsHabitat ‘67
One Central Park
Jean NouvelOne Central Park
canopia park
BABIN+RENAUDcanopia park

New headquarters of the Institute for Social Housing
Bolzano (BZ), Italia

Project by DGT (DORELL.GHOTMEH.TANE / ARCHITECTS) Dan Dorell, Lina Ghotmeh, Tsuyoshi Tane
First Prize Winner
IPES Headquarters Bolzano
Shinseon Play. Seoul

“Shinseon Play” is the winning project for the first ever YAP (Young Architects Program) in Seoul (and Asia) by MMCA/MoMA/Hyundai Card. YAP which was initiated by MoMA at P.S.1 and has extended to MAXXI (Rome), CONSTRUCTO (Santiago), ISTANBUL MODERN (Istanbul). ‘Shinseon Play’ is architecture based on a charming Korean traditional fantasy. Shinseons(신선) are fanciful Taoist hermits widely shared in East Asian mythology originating from 2500 years ago. They live on top of high mountains or above clouds, transcending the hustle-bustle of the human world of joy, anger, sorrow and pleasure...

Photo: © Kyungsub Shin
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861 Construction Drawings
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Saunders Architecture Bridge Studio
•••• Elisa Valero Guardería y Comedor Municipal en los Mondragones
Ahn Jung-geun Memorial Hall. Seoul

The new memorial hall is configured as a cluster of 12 columns that shoot up from the sunken base. The number 12 symbolizes the unsung heroes of Dongeui Danjihoe ― a secret society whose name roughly translates into the Society of Patriots ― that was originally organized by Ahn. The members severed their little fingers in 1909 in a demonstration of their loyalty and determination to the underground liberation movement. The 12 massive columns stand tall, like spirit tablets, towering over the old site of the war shrine...

Photo: © Youngchae Park
Sangsang Museum. Seoul

The client was a famous commercial photographer and wanted a modern castle for a Dracula (his alter-ego). The site is comprised by three plots of land, connected to both the main 20m road and the sub 6m road. This condition and the client’s request for privacy brought about a dual expressions with very different impressions. One of soft, low, wood finish, and regular windows, the other of high hard, irregular openings...

Photo: © Kim Yong Kwan
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Podere Navigliano
Casagrande LaboratoryULTRA-RUIN
Maison aux Jeurs
Lacroix Chessex Maison aux Jeurs
strutture in pendenza
bergmeisterwolfstrutture in pendenza
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Sokolniki Park
Groundlab, wowhaus, UrbanicaSokolniki Park
Sokolniki Park
Debarre Duplantiers Associés Architecture & Paysage, RDNK, Prostor, Fetish Film, Milan NeumannSokolniki Park
Sokolniki Park
Land+Civilization Compositions, Taller 301, LOLA landscape architectsSokolniki Park
Paesaggi Edibili
Valeria Bruni, Stefano Scavino, Paola GullinoPaesaggi Edibili
Parco tempo libero a Selva dei Molini
nuvolaBParco tempo libero a Selva dei Molini