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ÁRBORG. Vacation House. Iceland

The approach to the vacation house is from the top of the hill. The building is organized as a sequence of events: from the entrance porch through the closed courtyard into the living space and out onto the terrace at the end. Living, dining, kitchen, and master bedroom are all arranged in one continuous room. This enables panoramic views of the river and the distant mountains to the west...

Photo: © Rafael Pinho
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Kuokkala Church
OOPEAAKuokkala Church
Kärsämäki Shingle Church
OOPEAAKärsämäki Shingle Church
Cripta di Otranto
FèRiMa, Riccardo RussoCripta di Otranto
Economics and Business Faculty, Diego Portales University
Duque Motta & arquitectos asociados, Rafael Hevia, Gabriela ManziEconomics and Business Faculty, Diego Portales University
Casa Luz. Extremadura, Spain

This is a traditional village house with an elongated narrow floor plan between two boundary walls that opens up onto a kitchen garden at the rear. The house was in a ruinous state, the result of general neglect and the passing of time.
Luz, the owner, wanted a light-filled house in keeping with the presence of the kitchen garden and that reflected a love of the outdoor life. The central section of the house had no natural light or ventilation, making it unsuitable as a living area. These conditioning factors, coupled with a limited budget, determined the drawing up of a simple project strategy, namely to completely empty the interior, leaving just the stone façades and boundary walls, creating a whole new interior layout arranged around a courtyard.

Photo: © José Hevia
Casa Baladrar. Benissa, Alicante

The house rests on terraces that were once used for farming, which resolve the steep gradient of the terrain. The plot’s sloping nature means that there are some spectacular views of the sea from its upper reaches, while the lower portion looks over a wooded streambed that carries water into a pebble-strewn cove. The house takes advantage of the views and the breeze and makes the most of the uneven terrain and vegetation for the creation of small areas where activities can take place simultaneously, day and night...

Photo: © Luis Diaz Diaz
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ROTUNDA is an elemental garden, based on an atmospheric and poetic perception of materials, light, plants and the passing of time. It is a reflection on the fundamental themes of the art of the garden. The design was inspired by historical garden pools and water bowls, circular architectures as the Pantheon, land art interventions in forests as well as natural elements like rock pools or plants with leafs that collect water as the Umbilicus Rupestres...
Kärsämäki Shingle Church. Oulu, Finland

The first church in the parish of Kärsämäki was completed in 1765. A beautiful site on the riverbank was chosen as a suitable spot for the church. The church later became too small for the congregation and as it was already dilapidated, it was demolished 1841. The idea of the rebuilding the old church in the municipality arose in 1998. However, no clear document indicating what the church looked like survived. Those involved in the project thus became enthusiastic about architect Panu Kaila´s idea to build a new, modern church using traditional 18th century methods...

Photo: © Jussi Tiainen
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••• Dietmar Feichtinger Architectes Primary school and Kindergarden Lucie Aubrac
hiendl_schineis architektenpartnerschaft Kita

DATE: 2005-2006

Construction and installation of the Library: 6 levels of ramp where platforms with reading tables are placed; each ramp fills the two Tower levels. The six levels are connected by a staircase placed between the Library Tower wall and the external facade, covered by magazine racks. Solid mahogany.
SILOS 13 – cement distribution center. Paris

Construction and design of a cement distribution center, built within 5 meters from Paris’s ring (périphérique), in the new Bruneseau neighborhood, an urban context fast moving at the end of the Avenue de France in Paris’s far East. Five silos limited to 37 m in height have been built for different parts of the program: one for offices on the street, another one for a test center underneath the ring road, one vertical link (stair + elevator) and two large silos hosting cement in up to 6 different qualities...

Photo: © Daniel Moulinet
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Résidence étudiante et logements familiaux
Babled Nouvet Reynaud ArchitectesRésidence étudiante et logements familiaux
110 Appartamenti per studenti
Durisch + Nolli110 Appartamenti per studenti
Patras Student Studios
buerger katsota architectsPatras Student Studios
Ithaques, Atelier WRALA FRESQUE
HB6B – one home. Stockholm, Sweden

When the apartment on Heleneborgsgatan in Stockholm, Sweden was for sale in 2012 it had been used as furniture storage for 30 years. The previous owner had begun a renovation in the 1980s but fell ill and the apartment was left untouched until his death. Time had been frozen; wallpaper was half removed, only a few tiles and a kitchen faucet were sticking out of a wall, there was no electricity and a bathroom only with signs of rats as inhabitants. In a city like Stockholm with an enormous housing shortage and with every square meter increasing in price by the minute, this story was somehow impossible to understand and resist. The finished apartment is a result of a fascination for this; a try to let the previous layers and stories of a space live on and at the same time fill the requirements for the new story that will take place...
Casa de Ladrillos. Buenos Aires, Argentina

Kenneth Frampton considers Tectonics not only as a “mere disclosure of the construction technique, but, rather, its expressive potential. Tectonics acquires a truly artistic character to the extent that it amounts to a poetics of construction… The inevitable ground nature of a building has a character so tectonic and tactile as scenic and visual, although none of these attributes denies its spatiality. “...

Photo: © Estudio Nápoles
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819 Construction Drawings
370 Projects
M3H Architecten Wooden Houses, Wenslauer Street
act _ romegialli, Luca Volpatti padiglione onlus martino sansi
High School Thazin. Myanmar

Photo: © Julia Raff
Breath Box. La Grande Motte, France

The main wall of “Breath Box” is reflective, facing the horizon. It does not only recreate the image of the sea, it transforms by its own attributes. The wind comes lift the many reflective modules, providing a duality between visual experience and reflection ripple...

Photo by Paul Kozlowski
NAS Architecture
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Library of Terrasson
Patrick MaugerLibrary of Terrasson
library for a religious society
site specificlibrary for a religious society
“L’Ourse” Public Library
Ricardo Bofill Taller de Arquitectura“L’Ourse” Public Library
furlan&pierini architettibiblioteca
University Weihenstephan - Triesdorf. Germany The existing university building from 2007 was extended and developed to a new homogeneous ensemble. The extension is arranged in two separated buildings: The new administration building as solitary volume north of the main campus link and the lecture hall and laboratory building as extension to the existing building. This part creates with the existing volume an external courtyard as centre of the new arrangement...

Photo: © Marcus Ebener
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Recupero della Torre Tintoretto
Luca PeraltaRecupero della Torre Tintoretto
Gianluca MontanariTOWER'S HOUSE, TREVISO
Tower at Suk Al Thalath Al Gadeen
Peia Associati - Arch. Giampiero PeiaTower at Suk Al Thalath Al Gadeen
Guosen Securities Tower
MVRDVGuosen Securities Tower
Bratislava Culenova New City Center
Zaha Hadid ArchitectsBratislava Culenova New City Center