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A temple of Won Buddhism

Photo: Youngchae Park
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Villa Kogelhof
Paul De RuiterVilla Kogelhof
House Kaltschmieden
Bernardo BaderHouse Kaltschmieden
Studio O
ONE O ONE architectsStudio O
Marathon Camp
raumlaborberlinMarathon Camp
Park Tower. Antwerpen

The Park Tower, a project by Studio Farris Architects and ELD partnership, is situated in a unique location within walking distance from the new MAS museum, the harbor district ‘Eilandje’, the waterfront beside the river Scheldt and the historic city center. The project is integrated into the strategic development project that is aimed to transform the northern quarters of the city and will play a connecting role between parts of the city that have been remodeled earlier. With a total height of 78 meters, the Park Tower is now one of the highest buildings in Antwerp. The strikingly bright white exterior turns the tower into an attention-grabbing beacon that stands out as a landmark for the entire district...
Villa Kogelhof.Kamperland, Netherlands

Villa Kogelhof is designed based on complete autarky: therefore the house will be energy neutral. By using several techniques, the villa has a comfortable climate all seasons, whilst being extremely energy efficient. It was an important wish from our client to create a simple, abstract, yet spectacular villa. The result is a composition; consisting of two square stacked volumes: one underground and one floating above ground. It is designed as an uncompromising glass box, supported by a steel V-frame...

Photo: © Jeroen Musch
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Sparrenburg Visitor Centre. Bielefeld, Germany

Architect Max Dudler has designed a new Visitor centre for the medieval Sparrenburg fortress in Bielefeld. The new building was opened on 17 september 2014 after a one-year planning and construction period. An info point for the nearby Johannisberg garden and park will follow at the end of the year, also based on plans by Max Dudler who won the 2013 competition for the realisation of both projects. The visitor centre has created a new spatial frame for the historical Bailey. The material and expression represent a contemporary update of fortress architecture...

Photo: © Stefan Müller
Transformation of the Town Hall Borsele in Heinkenszand

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A.H. Alonso Hernández Asociados Estudio de Arquitectura
fgp st.udio Casa C.

Reportage by Libor Teplý

Villa Tugendhat
by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe Brno, Czech Republic
Janus. Extension and renewal of the Rapperswil-Jona municipal museum

Starting at the end of the 13th century, a small fortified complex was built inside the town walls of Rapperswil on Lake Zurich. It was comprised of a fortified tower and a residential building, which were linked to one another by a utility building constructed along the town wall. A number of the extravagant interiors from halfway through the 16th century have been preserved until the present and they formed the origin of the museum, which was established in three buildings from 1943 onwards. The new use as a museum called for a number of adaptations, and they included, in particular, the conversion work performed in 1960, during which the connecting building was given a ‘medieval’ mock-historical timber-truss façade including open galleries...

Photo: © Dominique Marc Wehrli
774 Competitions
Hostal Ritoque
Alejandro Soffia, Gabriel RudolphyHostal Ritoque
Social Dwellings in Vitoria
MANGADO ARCHITECTSSocial Dwellings in Vitoria
Apartment complex in Paris
Ameller, Dubois & Associés Apartment complex in Paris
Habitat ‘67
Safdie ArchitectsHabitat ‘67
Hostal Ritoque. Región de Valparaíso, Chile

In our society we customarily perceive architecture as a luxury, understanding luxury as something valuable and at the same time scarce. We agree with the first component of the definition, but with respect to the second point, we as architects have probably not been persistent enough to build a better quality environment, nor inside or outside the Centres...

Photo by Juan Durán Sierralta

SPACE FOR LIFE:The Insectarium Metamorphosis project
Montreal, Canada

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866 Construction Drawings
398 Projects
geza Casa della Musica
Zaha Hadid Architects Lopez De Heredia Winery

In the listed ’Radio House’ of Copenhagen, by renowned Danish Architect Vilhelm Lauritzen, the Danish National Museum has recently re-opened its vast collection of historical musical instruments. The elegant modernistic building from the 1950’ies have gone through an extensive refurbishment, respectfully carried out to emphasize the unique character of the listed building’s materiality and detailing...

Photo: Kaare Viemose
House Kaltschmieden. Doren, Austria

The old farming house in Doren Kaltschmieden has been disrupted through several insensitive alterations throughout the years and has suffered a lot through this. The very bad building fabric – in the foundations as well as in the timber construction contributed to this. This is how the new building goes into dialog with the present topography and the village structure. A soul mate body even? Nevertheless the main aim of the design was a building to interweave the soul of the old house with the place...

Photo: © Adolf Bereuter
89 Competitions
324 Projects
Two barns house
RS+Two barns house
Korea DMZ Peace-Life Valley
IROJE architects&plannersKorea DMZ Peace-Life Valley
Park Groot Schijn, Zone Boterlaar Silsburg
Maxwan, 1010 architecture urbanism, Antea GroupPark Groot Schijn, Zone Boterlaar Silsburg
StudioErrante ArchitettureDUILIO
Gupa - Gurten Pavilion. Wabern, Switzerland

The Gurten Pavilion is a festive and functional venue available throughout the year for large public events. The pavilion is located on the site of the old Belvedere, offering the most exquisite view of Bern and The Alps since the construction of the first Gurten restaurant in the mid 19th century. The building , the winning entry of a design competition, captures this motif with its exceptional transparency and its unique, uninterrupted magnificent view. The hall – glazed on all sides – is perched on a projecting steel platform...

Photo: © Alexander Jaquemet
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Miralago a Riva del Garda
AAA office, Alessandro GattaraMiralago a Riva del Garda
Requalification of Miralago Compendium. Riva del Garda
Giovanni Squizzato, SQUIZZATO ARCHITETTIRequalification of Miralago Compendium. Riva del Garda
Protezione contro le piene e valorizzazione area fluviale come spazio di vita attrattivo zona urbana di Bressanone
Ralf DejacoProtezione contro le piene e valorizzazione area fluviale come spazio di vita attrattivo zona urbana di Bressanone
Il tormento dell'astrazione
ifdesign Franco Tagliabue Volontè - Ida Origgi, iflandscapeIl tormento dell'astrazione
Parco urbano e Parco dello Sport
Giuseppe Pedicini, Chiara De Rosa, Maria Elisa PediciniParco urbano e Parco dello Sport