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Casa de Ladrillos. Buenos Aires, Argentina

Kenneth Frampton considers Tectonics not only as a “mere disclosure of the construction technique, but, rather, its expressive potential. Tectonics acquires a truly artistic character to the extent that it amounts to a poetics of construction… The inevitable ground nature of a building has a character so tectonic and tactile as scenic and visual, although none of these attributes denies its spatiality. “...

Photo: © Estudio Nápoles
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La Prairie
atelier Ar-Chè - Chérifa Séhimi + Jérôme GirardLa Prairie
Teshima Yokoo House
Yuko Nagayama & AssociatesTeshima Yokoo House
campomarzio, anålogo, Andrea Bombasaro, MASSIMO BERTOLUZZA, Silvia Balzan, Ottavia Manzo, giovanni wegher, Manuel Girardini, Andrea SimonVILLA RINA
Atelier Appennini organizza laboratori di progettazione, promuove attività di ricerca e formazione sul tema della contemporaneità architettonica per gli Appennini.
Information Point and Pavillion Acces to the Natural and Archeological Site of “els Turons de les Tres Creus”. Spain

…A little polyvalent information point facing east and cut into the natural slope, a belvedere deck, a large pine as permanent shadow to the west on a semicircle in grandstand, two groups of oaks on two horizontal planes inserted in the forest and with shadows built with the best materials...

Photo: © Aitor Estevez
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Wooden House CM. Asse, BelgiumAlthough the facade seems to suggest that behind its afromosia panelling only two storeys are hidden, in reality this is a far bigger house. The big window in front, evenly balanced between the two ground floor and the first floor, complicates an unambiguous reading of the layout even more...

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Kärsämäki Shingle Church. Oulu, Finland

The first church in the parish of Kärsämäki was completed in 1765. A beautiful site on the riverbank was chosen as a suitable spot for the church. The church later became too small for the congregation and as it was already dilapidated, it was demolished 1841. The idea of the rebuilding the old church in the municipality arose in 1998. However, no clear document indicating what the church looked like survived. Those involved in the project thus became enthusiastic about architect Panu Kaila´s idea to build a new, modern church using traditional 18th century methods...

Photo: © Jussi Tiainen
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•• COMOCO arquitectos PBL Castle
dl-a devanthéry & lamunière architectes PMI International Operations Center in Lausanne

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Scadenza: 17 ottobre 2014
The Sett. Totland, Isle of Wight

Retaining the sense of enclosure within the site, while bringing a view of the sea from the upper floor, and responding to the particular placement of the remaining fruit trees have generated the placement of rooms and spaces on the site. The trees around the site perimeter are tall and established species including oak, beech, yew and alder, and the house is placed towards the eastern edge of the site along the lane, making a small courtyard in front of the house...

Photo: © David Grandorge
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House of Patios
AR arquitetosHouse of Patios
Casa R+O
Bianco + Gotti architettiCasa R+O
Haus L.
SWAP Architekten ZT GmbHHaus L.
Javier Sánchez, Irvine Torres, Jsª ArquitectosC-Q
HB6B – one home. Stockholm, Sweden

When the apartment on Heleneborgsgatan in Stockholm, Sweden was for sale in 2012 it had been used as furniture storage for 30 years. The previous owner had begun a renovation in the 1980s but fell ill and the apartment was left untouched until his death. Time had been frozen; wallpaper was half removed, only a few tiles and a kitchen faucet were sticking out of a wall, there was no electricity and a bathroom only with signs of rats as inhabitants. In a city like Stockholm with an enormous housing shortage and with every square meter increasing in price by the minute, this story was somehow impossible to understand and resist. The finished apartment is a result of a fascination for this; a try to let the previous layers and stories of a space live on and at the same time fill the requirements for the new story that will take place...
High School Thazin. Myanmar

Photo: © Julia Raff
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817 Construction Drawings
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Carvalho Araújo ESL
Breath Box. La Grande Motte, France

The main wall of “Breath Box” is reflective, facing the horizon. It does not only recreate the image of the sea, it transforms by its own attributes. The wind comes lift the many reflective modules, providing a duality between visual experience and reflection ripple...

Photo by Paul Kozlowski
NAS Architecture
House of Patios. São Paulo, Brazil

Instead of being completely demolished, an existent construction is maintained and interpreted as a solid to be excavated, designing its negative-spaces to subvert the old spatial syntax. Three resulting suppressions reorganize the program, creating internal patios as ‘decompression areas’ between uses and as graduation between interior and exterior. The first suppression permits turning the old garage in the lower-level in a double-height living-room, now connected to the forgotten backyard.

Photo: © Leonardo Finotti
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Maritime Centre Vellamo
Lahdelma & MahlamäkiMaritime Centre Vellamo
Cultural centre in Jinan
Paul Andreu architecte paris, Richez_Associés architecture, BIADCultural centre in Jinan
National Centre for the Performing Art
Paul Andreu architecte paris, ADPI Designers and Planners, BIADNational Centre for the Performing Art
S Residence
Shigeru Ban ArchitectsS Residence
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Pavillon de la Danse
Pavillon de la Danse
maccari carrera architectsPavillon de la Danse
Pavillon de la Danse
ON architecturePavillon de la Danse
Nuovo Auditorium di Acilia-Dragona
roberto scarsato, con Giovanni CarlassareNuovo Auditorium di Acilia-Dragona
Musikzentrum im Kreativquartier ViktoriaQuartierBochum
JSWD ArchitektenMusikzentrum im Kreativquartier ViktoriaQuartierBochum