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Casa da Severa. Lisbon

The proposal has as its goal the transformation of a housing unit located at Largo da Severa, Mouraria distric, Lisbon, into a cultural equipment called Casa da Severa. The building, originally composed of three storey and an attic and a total of six independent apartments, presented several structural problems as well as scarce living conditions, such as precarious sanitation facilities and very small and narrow spaces. In order to adapt it to its new programme, we’ve opted to demolish its whole interior, preserving the façade and its strong presence in the urban fabric of the area...

Photo: © Hugo Santos Silva
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Centro Medialab-Prado
Langarita-Navarro ArquitectosCentro Medialab-Prado
Stone Art Gallery
O-office ArchitectsStone Art Gallery
Yachtsman's House
The Manser PracticeYachtsman's House
Kindergarten In Jiading New Town
Atelier DeshausKindergarten In Jiading New Town
Praça das Artes. São Paulo, Brazil

Photo by Nelson Kon / Courtesy of BIAU

Bienal Iberoamericana de Arquitectura y Urbanismo
BRASIL arquitetura
House in the landscape. Zawiercie, Poland

House is situated next to Zawiercie, on a longish, slightly sloping site, in the buffer zone of the Eagles’ Nests Landscape Park. It is set in green surroundings dominated by agricultural use. Old stone church, towering ruins of Morsko and Ogrodzieniec castles, Monadnocks scattered around – rising several meters above the surrounding terrain… In this picturesque scenery, using simply shaped volumes and local materials „ House in the….” is trying to become an integral part of its surrounding and to fit well into the landscape...

Photo: © Maciej Lulko
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Barcelona, Spain

...A place to change in and out of a bathing suit since the pond is used as a pool, thus avoiding having to go to the house in order to get changed. A place also to wash one’s hands after the “calçotades” that have already been established as a winter tradition....

Photo: © Adrià Goula
Ristrutturazione ex-fienile. Cagno (CO), Italia

La ristrutturazione di una porzione di corte rurale in passato utilizzata come stalla e fienile diviene l’occasione per rivisitare in chiave contemporanea gli spazi e gli elementi costruttivi legati alla tradizione agricola locale. L’intervento volto alla trasformazione del fabbricato in residenza interviene con un risanamento conservativo sulle parti strutturalmente non compromesse, viene consolidata la muratura in pietra sul lato nord e recuperate le strutture in laterizio perimetrali...
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LAN Architecture Student residence
••• Personeni Raffaele Schärer Architectes ECA - OAI OFFICE BUILDING
Madrid, Spain

Perhaps more than anything else, it is the very strangeness of the diverging intentions found in the La Serrería Belga adaptation project for the Medialab-Prado that makes it possible for them to coexist, though not without a certain measure of irony...

Photo: © Miguel de Guzmán
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Il parco dei suoni
Alberto A. Loche, Pierpaolo PerraIl parco dei suoni
Jardin de la tour Carpe Diem
Mutabilis PaysageJardin de la tour Carpe Diem
Le Clos des Fées
COBE Architecture, Mutabilis PaysageLe Clos des Fées
Manzanares Park
Ricardo Bofill Taller de ArquitecturaManzanares Park
Casa M. Rosario, Santa Fe, Argentina

La implicancia espacial de las operaciones formales construye el argumento más contundente de esta obra. Un simple volumen de base rectangular sufre un corte y un desplazamiento en horizontal...

Photo: Walter Salcedo / Courtesy of BIAU
Rehabilitation of an apartment in Braga. Portugal

The Project intended to remodel two apartments and unite them in order to create a duplex apartment, which best meets the needs of the family. In this sense, the intervention was defined by the characterization of a social floor, consisting of kitchen, laundry, living room, terrace, guest bathroom and guest suite. The upper floor would be the private housing area consisting of three suites, one for the parents and two for the children. The union of both floors and, consequently, of the house, was achieved by the introduction of a two- storey high hall with the access stair...

Photo: © Luis Ferreira Alves
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855 Construction Drawings
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••• LFL architetti, Laura Luconi, Piero Luconi, sergio fumagalli, Giovanni Sacchi, Alessandra Manzoni Nuovo Istituto scolastico IPSIA a Sondrio
••• GRAUX & BAEYENS architects Midras
Viviendas Sociales en Vallecas. Madrid, Spain

Frente a la manzana cerrada propuesta por la normativa urbanística, el proyecto plantea la construcción de dos bloques en paralelo. Las desiguales condiciones del entorno así como la implantación urbana y orientación de la parcela aconsejan esta disposición que permitirá construir mejores viviendas. Con buenas vistas y mejor orientación. Los dos bloques, constituidos a su vez por otros dos bloques igualmente paralelos, se alinean con los bordes extremos de la parcela conformando en su interior un gran espacio ajardinado...

Photo: Duccio Malagamba / Courtesy of BIAU

New Court of Justice
Tallinn, Estonia

Project: "Arusaam" by ARHITEKT11 OÜ
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Rural Tourism Pé no Monte
[i]da arquitectosRural Tourism Pé no Monte
House in Nagatoro
CASE-REALHouse in Nagatoro
House in the landscape
kropka studio, kuba kowalczykHouse in the landscape
Centro de Desarrollo Infantil el Guadual
Daniel Joseph Feldman Mowerman, Ivan Dario Quiñones SanchezCentro de Desarrollo Infantil el Guadual
Colegio Alianza Francesa Jean Mermoz. Curico, Región del Maule, Chile

Photo: Nico Saieh / Courtesy of BIAU

Bienal Iberoamericana de Arquitectura y Urbanismo
Edificio Sucre 4444. Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires, Argentina

Photo: Gustavo Sosa Pinilla / Courtesy of BIAU

Bienal Iberoamericana de Arquitectura y Urbanismo
Esteban Tannenbaum Arquitectos
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Sokolniki Park
Groundlab, wowhaus, UrbanicaSokolniki Park
Sokolniki Park
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Sokolniki Park
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Paesaggi Edibili
Valeria Bruni, Stefano Scavino, Paola GullinoPaesaggi Edibili
Parco tempo libero a Selva dei Molini
nuvolaBParco tempo libero a Selva dei Molini