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Piranesi Prix de Rome 2014

Il nome di Linazasoro, va ad arricchire l’albo d’oro della manifestazione che ha già visto vincitori Rafael Moneo (Spagna) nel 2010, Guido Canali (Italia) nel 2011, David Chipperfield (Gran Bretagna) nel 2013 e Peter Eisenman (Stati Uniti nel 2011).

Tra le sue opere più importanti, il Centro Culturale Escuelas Pías de Lavapiés a Madrid, la Piazza della Cattedrale di Reims, la Chiesa di San Lorenzo in Valdemaqueda a Madrid, il restauro dell’Hospital del Rey a Melilla. la ricostruzione della Chiesa di Santa Cruz en Medina del Rioseco a Valladolid e il progetto per Piazza Augusto Imperatore a Roma. Linazasoro è inoltre risultato vincitore in venti consultazioni concorsuali, tra gli altri, quello per la riabilitazione dell’Edificio Zigherane a Rovereto, per il parcheggio sotterraneo e accesso pedonale al Castello di Brescia, per l’ampliamento dell’Edificio del Consiglio Generale del Basso Reno a Strasburgo, per il Centro Congressi di Troyes, e per il Campus Universitario di Segovia.

Photo: Iglesia de San Lorenzo en Valdemaqueda - © Javier Azurmendi
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Qingdao World Horticultural Expo Theme Pavilion
UNStudioQingdao World Horticultural Expo Theme Pavilion
Breath Box
NAS ArchitectureBreath Box
Information Point and Pavillion Acces to the Natural and Archeological Site of “els Turons de les Tres Creus”
Toni GironèsInformation Point and Pavillion Acces to the Natural and Archeological Site of “els Turons de les Tres Creus”
Eco-Farm Series - Harvest Pavilion
Vector ArchitectsEco-Farm Series - Harvest Pavilion
Centro Civico del quartiere Isola-Garibaldi.
Milano, Italia

Project Awarded
Civic Center Isola-Garibaldi. Milano
Les Bardeaux. Guernsey, United Kingdom
Stockholm, Sweden

Locally crafted from solid blockwork and wrapped in 200mm insulation, the house consists of a collection of pitched-roofed shingle cladded volumes arranged around a courtyard garden. The building draws on the character of local architecture, using traditional materials and craftsmanship to create a contemporary, energy efficient home which satisfies the demands of modern living...
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Edifício Comercial João Moura. São Paulo, Brazil

The site is located on João Moura Street in the valley through which the Sumaré Av. The João Moura Street is an important connection between the neighborhoods of Vila Madalena and Pinheiros. For anyone who spends at Sumaré Av. the building has a striking presence. For this reason we try to give special attention to the north side facade and understand it as a great panel, composed of openings and colorful screens. For those who pass by João Moura Street, subfloor access is indented 10m from the front alignment, twice as required by law, ensuring a breather for street and highlighting the reception that advances toward the street. No walls or bars.

Photo: © Nelson Kon
Abitare is back.

A new format and a new graphic design for 200 pages about stories, projects, ideas and visions. Abitare promotes Italian design culture into the world, draws people’s attention to its ability to speak and understand many languages, to create connections and to bring together tradition and innovation, culture and technology, humanity and beauty.
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LAN Architecture 58 housing units Boulogne-Billancourt
Vector Architects Eco-Farm Series – Visitor Center
House MO. Zapallar, Chile

MO House is located at an area of steep slope facing the sea coast of Chile in the commune of Zapallar. The house is buried with clearly no intention to interrupt the wonderful view to the horizon from the public road, so it is accessed by stairs and ramps going deep into the mountain to discover again, from inside the house, the sea, coast and breaker...

Photo: © Nico Saieh
Aga Khan Museum. Toronto

The Aga Khan Museum is dedicated to presenting an overview of the artistic, intellectual, and scientific contributions that Muslim civilizations have made to world heritage. The Museum’s Permanent Collection of over 1,000 objects includes masterpieces that reflect a broad range of artistic styles and materials. These portraits, textiles, miniatures, manuscripts, ceramics, tiles, medical texts, books, and musical instruments represent more than ten centuries of human history and a geographic area stretching from the Iberian Peninsula to China...

Photo: Gary Otte
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House Singel by laura alvarez architecture
laura alvarez architectureHouse Singel by laura alvarez architecture
Nestlé chocolate factory
Metro Arquitetos AssociadosNestlé chocolate factory
The New Crematorium at the Woodland Cemetery
Johan Celsing ArkitektkontorThe New Crematorium at the Woodland Cemetery
Fundación Telefónica
Moneo Brock Studio, Quanto ArquitecturaFundación Telefónica
Centro Cultural Escuelas Pías de Lavapiés. Madrid, Spain

Constituye una obra absolutamente singular, y de difícil clasificación, al incluir temas de restauración, rehabilitación y nueva planta, que, sin embargo forman una unidad inseparable. El conjunto se apoya en las ruinas de la iglesia de las antiguas Escuelas Pías de San Fernando, destruida durante la Guerra Civil, pero incluye el solar vacío adyacente. Además forma parte de una actuación más amplia que incluye la Plaza de Agustín Lara y un aparcamiento subterráneo.

Photo: © Miguel de Guzmán
Kanagawa Institute of Technology KAIT Workshop
Kanagawa, Japan

The aim of the project is to seek an ambiguity of architecture. The building is a single-storey, one-room roughly 2000 square meters large. This is a facility for students to come in whenever they like. Facades are all glass. There are no earthquake-resisting walls or braces whatsoever....

Photo: © junya ishigami + associates
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837 Construction Drawings
381 Projects
Sergio Sebastián Franco Archeological Space in Daroca
•• Benedetto Camerana Incubatore di imprese
Scuola elementare a Vipiteno

La scuola è costruita in un’area un tempo occupata dalla palude di Vipiteno. Oggi la palude è stata bonificata ma il livello della falda freatica è solo qualche centimetro sotto quello dei prati. Per evitarne l’abbassamento che avrebbe provocato una spinta compensativa nell’area della vicina parrocchia è stato scelto un edificio che non affonda nella terra, ma che galleggia sui prati, apparentemente senza peso. La scuola non emerge rispetto ai monumenti dell’intorno, ha l’altezza del portico del cimitero e delle mura di cinta del vicino Castello della Commenda, è pensata come sfondo contro cui leggere la chiesa di Santa Elisabetta, la torre campanaria, la parrocchiale...

Photo: © Günter Richard Wett
Projeto Viver Building. São Paulo, Brazil

Located in the Morumbi neighborhood of São Paulo city, this building is destined to attend the deprived population from the Jardim Colombo favela and to host activities from the Viver em Família Association, which aims to act upon the humanitarian development of said community.

Photo: © Marcelo Scandaroli
47 Competitions
Zaha Hadid ArchitectsCitylife
Long Museum West Bund
Atelier DeshausLong Museum West Bund
Tibet Namchabawa Visitor Centre
StandardarchitectureTibet Namchabawa Visitor Centre
Elementary school Claudie Haigneré
VALLET DE MARTINISElementary school Claudie Haigneré
Fidalga 727. São Paulo, Brazil

The urban landscape of São Paulo is heavily influenced by two main characters that coexist independently and simultaneously. On one hand, the vertical constructions – most of them faithful to the modernist/rationalist models –, which evolve randomly with the inconstant guidelines of the urban planning. On the other hand, the historical and/or informal occupation of two or three floors of the residual spaces between these constructions. The ensemble is characterized by spectacular scale and height limits breaks, resulting in a chaotic and discontinuous urban landscape. Located in the heart of a middle class neighborhood undergoing constant change, the project – a standard housing tower – is precisely put in this context, and situated on the margins of one of these permanent breaks, revealing a split panoramic skyline.

Photo: © Fran Parente
The nest. Binh Duong city, Viet Nam

Within his constraint budget, a light structure as steel and metal sheets is applied instead of bricks and concrete as usual. Moreover, unused furniture, abandoned but still in good condition, is considered as an appropriate solution for most parts of the house which not only reduces construction cost but also gives the house a distinctive look, the beauty or serenity of old items that comes with age...

Photo: Hiroyuki Oki
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Pavillon de la Danse
Pavillon de la Danse
maccari carrera architectsPavillon de la Danse
Pavillon de la Danse
ON architecturePavillon de la Danse
Nuovo Auditorium di Acilia-Dragona
roberto scarsato, con Giovanni CarlassareNuovo Auditorium di Acilia-Dragona
Musikzentrum im Kreativquartier ViktoriaQuartierBochum
JSWD ArchitektenMusikzentrum im Kreativquartier ViktoriaQuartierBochum