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Daiwa Ubiquitous Computing Research Building. Tokyo, Japan

The building was constructed for the university’s new field of research on ubiquitous computing. Our aim was to break away from conventional image of campuses that consist of hard materials such as concrete, metal or stone, and to instead design a soft building made with wood and earth. Here, scalelike panels of natural materials (wood and earth) gently undulate to form a smooth and organic façade.

Photo: © SS Tokyo
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Daiwa Ubiquitous Computing Research Building
Kengo Kuma & AssociatesDaiwa Ubiquitous Computing Research Building
Vicem Bodrum Residences
EAA-Emre Arolat ArchitectsVicem Bodrum Residences
University Weihenstephan - Triesdorf
Ackermann + RaffUniversity Weihenstephan - Triesdorf
Kärsämäki Shingle Church
OOPEAAKärsämäki Shingle Church
Orphelinat Falatow Jigiyaso. Dialakoroba, Mali

The story of Falatow Jigiyaso orphanage begins in Bamako. In 1978, Fatoumata Goundourou found an orphan baby in the street and brought him home. From now on, her house will become a shelter for no less than 30 children of all ages.

Photo: © Vanja Bjelobaba
F8 Architecture & Gérard Violante
Cloud Garden, Festival des Architectures Vives 2014. La Grande Motte, France

Cloud Garden is a series of soft “cloud-like” clusters arranged in the landscape to encourage playful interaction amongst its visitors. Developed by Design Office Takebayashi Scroggin [DOTS] for participation in the Festival des Architectures Vives (FAV) at La Grande Motte, these constructs explore the festival’s theme of “Sensuality” by allowing visitors to play in, on, and around the voluptuous shapes or simply relax and engage in conversation on the large soft bodies. Each “cloud” is comprised of an aggregation of inflated vinyl spheres wrapped in translucent nylon mesh producing a variety of playful figures situated underneath a canopy of trees within the courtyard of Église Saint-Augustin.

Photo: © Paul Kozlowski Paris
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YAC Young Architects Competitions
Negrar (VR), Italia

Miguel Rio Branco Gallery - Inhotim. Brumadinho | MG, Brazil

The building is organized in three levels, with access through the intermediate level, which houses a covered plaza and support facilities – sanitaries and cafeteria. From this level, stairs and lift allow access to an exhibition space downstairs, defined by a square room formed of 11.7 and 11.7 meters by 7 meters height. This room is visually integrated with the entrance level through a transparent plan that allows crossed views through the room. From the entrance level another staircase leads to to the upper floor, housed in a closed corten box, with large flexible exhibition spaces, amplifying the curatorial possibilities while accommodating a large variety of rooms.

Photo: © Leonardo Finotti
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••• Wiel Arets Architects Campus Hoogvliet
Carvalho Araújo Casa JC
Résidence Roy-Lawrence. Québec, Canada

Located outside the village of Sutton, in Quebec’s eastern townships, the Roy-Lawrence Residence is set in a vast estate very much impregnated with the legacy of a Swiss immigrant family that came to Canada in the 1930’s. To this date, the surroundings of the residence are still defined by bucolic landscapes, iconic Swiss chalets and other buildings of similar nature that were erected along the years, always with a consistent touch of nostalgia.
Biokilab laboratories. Vitoria, Spain

Two boxes in the air and a structure as architecture The technologic Park of Vitoria colonizes a little bit of nature. The quality of the site and its steepness make us question where to build. Two boxes made from air rise above the slope. The structure become architecture carries on its shoulders these boxes, showing a new plane. We investigate new ways of entering new places. Our place appears on a new level, determined by a four-legged and colorful structure. Two hollow boxes of concrete inhabit this new place on the structure.

Photo: José Manuel Cutillas
Taller Basico de arquitectura
799 Competitions
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Trullo Chiobbica
Paola RebellatoTrullo Chiobbica
B20 - Private Residence
PK arkitektarB20 - Private Residence
Casa Luz
Arquitectura-GCasa Luz
Vancouver in Rotterdam. Netherlands

The main design objective of the office building is to maximize its volume, floor space, gross/net ratio within the urban and zoning plan, and creating large floor plates for generous work places. By wrapping the program in a supporting white concrete prefab façade, as opposed to the stated red brick, the building distinguishes itself between the nearby red housing and the black office building. The simple yet muscular building which came into existence seems to play a central role in a curious and interesting composition of old and new and, as such forms a keystone of the ambitious urban development plan of Laan op Zuid.

Photo: Sebastian van Damme
Refúgio São Chico. São Francisco de Paula, Brazil

Photo: © Eduardo Aigner
MAPA | MAAM + Studioparalelo
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825 Construction Drawings
374 Projects
Piercy & Company Martello Tower Y
HOLODECK architects Urban reflections
ARBORETUM. Gjøvik, Norway

The Gjoevik Care Centre is an institution for juvenile asylum seekers. The centre provides shelter and safety for immigrants under the age of 15 and helps those of them who are struggling with traumatic experiences from famine and conflicts around the world.

Photo: © Pasi Aalto
Pavillon du Festival des Architectures Vives 2014 à La Grande Motte

At the place where the sea meets the City, where the infinite horizon changes in skyline of Conques and Canopy, where the geometric rigor of a dock disappears into the mirror of water of the harbor , where the sound of halyards tapping on mats boats accompanies iodine breeze and the sun bathed in a blue sky shows the shaded squares.

Photo: © Paul Kozlowski Paris
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Health Sciences Faculty
Taller Basico de arquitectura, Javier Perez Herreras & Fco Javier Quintana de UñaHealth Sciences Faculty
Building Carmen Martín Gaite
Estudio BeldarrainBuilding Carmen Martín Gaite
University Weihenstephan - Triesdorf
Ackermann + RaffUniversity Weihenstephan - Triesdorf
Economics and Business Faculty, Diego Portales University
Duque Motta & arquitectos asociados, Rafael Hevia, Gabriela ManziEconomics and Business Faculty, Diego Portales University
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Summer opening hours: from Monday to friday: 9am - 2pm
Closed 9-24 August
Sancaklar Mosque. Istanbul

The project site is located in a prairie landscape that is separated from the surrounding suburban gated communities by a busy highway. The high walls surrounding the park on the upper courtyard of the mosque depict a clear boundary between the chaotic outer world and the serene atmosphere of the public park...

Photo: © Cemal Emden
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Centro Internacional de Convenciones de Bogotá
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"El Cielo Protector"
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