Ljubljana, Slovenia - Scaduto 31/01/2013
4th Biennial International Trimo Urban Crash Competition

Trimo Urban Crash is an international competition for students of architecture and design.

The aim is to encourage aspiring designers of urban space towards a bolder, more ambitious approach towards understanding architecture and its place in the larger urban environment.

The competition ventures beyond the realm of applied theory by revealing the innovativeness, flexibility and effectiveness of Trimo products and solutions – and their distinct advantages in contemporary design and building.

The theme of the architectural building is a self-sufficient Bike Base designed as a sustainable building consisting of a maximum of three Trimo modular units. It has to connect the following components through its form and purpose:

• A meeting point for cyclists, a place for refreshment and rest,

• Servicing bicycles and electrical bicycles,

• Free wireless internet connection,

• Charging batteries for computers, mobile phones,

• Charging for electrical bicycles and motorcycles

The architectural facility has to represent an original work by the author and has to serve public purpose. Students shall envisage and propose added content and micro-location themselves.

The project location is on Ljubljana’s north artery called Dunajska cesta (Vienna Street), a four- to six- lane road heavily burdened by traffic and one of the main entry/exit corridors into Ljubljana’s city centre. It provides for a dynamic congestion of daily commuters coming by car, bus, or train to the city’s main railway and bus station (some 300m away), as well as city dwellers, many of whom either walk or ride a bike to work. Dunajska cesta is flanked by a wide, elevated paved way divided into a bike lane and a sidewalk on either side of the street. This pavement expands to approximately 5.5m on both immediate sides under the railway overpass, where our micro-location lies. The choice of the precise location of the micro-location is left to each individual student/participant. With as little intervention and demolition as possible, some public space may be used/accessed if necessary, in the form of a small meadow – property of the City of Ljubljana – adjacent to the art installation Hologram Europe by artist Marko Pogačnik.