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Zagreb Society of Architects: · Zagreb, Croazia · Scaduto 28/06/2011

The Zagreb Society of Architects is launching the third of four
architectural competitions for this year’s Think Space cycle. For this
year’s annual cycle, the main theme connecting all four competitions
is Borders.

The new - third Ecological Borders competition calls for a radical
reimagination of the current relationship between humans and the built
environment through the establishment of new architectural protocols
of coexistence in the search of a new Partial-Total Ecology:

The juror of the competition is François Roche, who together with
Stéphanie Lavaux runs R&Sie(n) architectural practice based in Paris.
His architectural work builds on research as speculation - integrating
nature as a protocol. It seeks to articulate the real and/or
fictional, the geographic situations and narrative structures that can
transform them, focusing on development of technological experiments
as forms of natural distortion or environmental mutations.

In the past architecture has always operated as a mediator between
humans and the built environment, within an anthropocentric
ideological framework with a deterministic approach. This competition
seeks to escape this direct relationship and asks for submissions able
to produce new socio-ecological scenarios able to reimagine our
current ideas and preconceptions, in relation to notions of
equilibrium and sustainability within Western Culture.

Going beyond notions of moral ecology or fake sustainability, this
competition asks for entries able to envision new architectural
scenarios and moments of invention by looking into spaces of residual
otherness to reconstitute canonical forms of thinking.

These new socioecological architectural visions will provide a new
understanding and a new set of possible relations of humans with the

François Roche

Submission deadline for Ecopolitical Borders is
28 June 2011 (Tue), 12:00, CET - Central European Time.

There is an early participation fee of 220 HRK / 30 EUR untill 14 June 2011.
From 15 June to 28 June 2011 participation fee will be 330 HRK / 45 EUR.


  1. prize: 1000 EUR
  2. prize: 700 EUR
  3. prize: 350 EUR

All winners will be granted with ORIS pack:

· Annual subscription to ORIS Magazine - for Culture and Architecture

· Free Admission to Days of ORIS
International Architectural Symposium
Last weekend of October 2011 in Zagreb

Please visit our web site for further information.
Recently updated Participant’s Kit includes all the necessary
information about this particular contest. All the entries from the
previous competition Geopolitical Borders have been published in our
gallery. Please take a look at award winning works, and read the
juror's comments!

Feel invited to explore the borders of architectural thought and join
at You can also follow us on

The winners of the second competition in this year’s annual cycle
devised by Teddy Cruz are Konstantinos Papadimitrakopoulos (Greece)
with his project “Border Archipelagos of the Narrow Passages” and
Despoina Gkirti together with Efthymios Dimopoulos with their project
“Common Visions: The Case of Prespa Region”. Take a look at award
winning works, and read the juror's comments in our gallery