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ARCHmedium · Roma (RM), Italia · Scaduto 31/07/2017

The program for the Rome Contemporary Chapel competition is understood as reduced and flexible. The established facilities for worship and reflection should include, an access hall, a main space with elements to rest (chairs or benches), an altar or
an area to place a statue and public bathrooms. It should also include a second access, 2 small offices, a private restroom and changing rooms.
The small pavilion should take into account the access through the plaza and the relation with the exterior space.


This category will accept architecture and related fields undergraduate students who can prove their student status on the day the competition launches with some official document (student ID or enrolment papers).
Graduate, masters, and PhD students who are currently enrolled in some official course can also participate, but only if they obtained their undergraduate degree less than 3 years ago.

Young Architects
This category will accept young professional architects who graduated less than 10 years ago (according to their degree expedition date) can also join the competition and opt to win the “young gradautes” prize which will be awarded separately from the student prizes.
In both categories teams can be formed by just one member or up to six (6). Members of a team don’t necessarily have to be students at the same university or live in the same country.

1° € 2.000
2° € 1.000
3° € 500

Young Architects
1° € 2.000